Sea-Legs Pontoon Lifts

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The Pontoon Lift that Goes Where You Go

Sea-Legs, the world’s only portable hydraulic pontoon lift, is now stronger, faster and quieter than ever.

Features include:

  • 1-hp single pump, single reservoir power unit (50 percent increase in horsepower).
  • Alarm/power-saving feature; unit shuts off automatically when Legs fully retracted.
  • Additional remote controls available.
  • Environmentally-friendly Chevron Clarity hydraulic oil provided with each set of Legs.
  • Six-gauge battery cables provided with each set of Sea-Legs..
  • No more dashboard wiring or face-plate (with remote control unit).
  • No more under-boat alarms & wiring; reduced customer service calls.
  • Reduced installation time (no alarm wiring; remote control replaces dashboard wiring).